Software "Prostoysoft Tables"

Ver. 3.44 (30.09.2020)

A modern, convenient and versatile platform for creating IT systems for any business!

  • Multilingual platform interface
  • Configurator - creating tables, main tabs, fields and lists
  • Fast and convenient interface
  • 2 ways to edit data - in a table or in a form
  • Working with multiple database files, creating new databases, they can also be opened with MS Access
  • Flexible system of access control to the database
About Prostoysoft Tables

"Prostoysoft Tables" - modern, versatile, convenient and simple, multilingual platform for creating IT systems. It is both a "business solution" software product and a development environment. The platform allows you to develop multifunctional accounting systems for businesses of any type and scale.

"Simple Soft" company has developed more than 150 industry solutions for most types of businesses ( more .... ) Any of them can be opened in the Prostoysoft Tables program. As a rule, this software solution covers some industry or subject area and solves their problems, for example: Construction, Manufacturing, Personnel accounting, Transport company, etc. As for the development environment, the platform has a built-in tool for changing ready-made IT systems and all existing accounting systems were created with its help.

Features "Prostoysoft Tables":


Version history

Version  What's new
3.40 1. The problem of showing empty edit forms has been solved.
2. All the latest improvements on the platform
3.34 1. Improvements to the rules of fields (conditional visibility)
3.31 1. Improvements on the localization of the main menu
3.17 1. Modifications to export and import forms on schedule
2. Fixed a bug with a long startup when periodically checking the structure
3.11 1. Added / updated help pages English, German, French, Spain
3.07 1. Added help in English
3.02 1. All the latest platform improvements
2. Search and transfer all lines from the code to a separate database